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Nidhi is an educationist and teacher educator with a vast experience in the field of teaching and learning. She has worked with various organizations both within India and overseas. She is also the CEO of Amity Training and Consultancy.
Aims and Objectives

How To Write Aims and Objectives for eLearning Courses

Aims and objectives can sometimes be incredibly confusing but every eLearning course needs to have them. Here's an explanation of what they are, why they're needed and a simple way to write aims and...
Custom eLearning Course

Top 6 Advantages Of Custom eLearning Course Development

In this article, I will present you 6 primary advantages of custom eLearning course development. So, before you make any decision on whether to invest in pre-built eLearning courses or custom eLearning courses, it...
elearning course development

6 Tips to Estimate Your eLearning Course Development Time

In this article, you'll learn about the important considerations to bear in mind when estimating your eLearning course development time. Estimating the development time of your eLearning course as accurately as possible is of...
elearning course development

The Ultimate eLearning Course Design Checklist

Looking for a comprehensive "must-have" eLearning checklist for your next eLearning Course Design project? This is a checklist that every eLearning professional should have on hand, especially since there are so many steps involved...
custom elearning

Three Solutions for Custom eLearning Challenges

“All custom eLearning must be engaging.” “All eLearning must be interactive.” Of course I agree with these industry mantras. But interactivity for its own sake does not make a successful custom eLearning. Each project...
10 Authoring Tools For Easy eLearning Design

10 Authoring Tools For Easy eLearning Design

Can eLearning Design Be Easy? It Can When You Use These 10 Authoring Tools!  In the digital age, every single aspect of our lives is being transferred in the online environment. Education, in particular, has...

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